Benefits of ISRB Expo Forum


Customer flow will be high. Many people would visit your product and services in a short period. Opportunities to increase and build your brand and products awareness. Cost effective advertisement. Excellent way to promote business.  Advertisement through other medias will be costiler and not sure of reaching many people in a short period. Can demonstrate your product lively. Explain the features in details, which may not be the case when advertised through other medias. Interaction with customers directly and one to one. This will help to negotiate sales opportunities and order booking. Right place for the staff to get trained on customer handlings. Will create number of prospective customers / will get leads to increase customer data base. Will have the opportunities to invite and meeet current clients. Helps to meet and share experiences and ideas with other traders and professional. First hand feedback from customers that might help to improve your quality and services.


Will have abundant choice to choose the right product and as per the requirements. Generally, the selling price at the EXPO are competitive compared to the market. Many exhibitors offer huge discounts and gifts. Can avail such benefits. Can view live demonstration of the Product and clearly understand the features and  practice the usages. Better co-ordination directly with company officials.  Can ask for required information’s about the usages that one is not familiar. Can do shopping of more products at a singe point.


A place where you get hands-on training on selling skills. Can view lively as what type of questions/ queries are raised from customers  and how the sellers tackle them and convince the customers.