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Every year India adds to her population about 5 Million people eligible for securing jobs. Not everyone can get a job. In tis
scenario, Self Employment offers the best solution.Puthiya Thalaimurai Foundation, besides being a positive
force to inspire youth. Wishes to convey the fact that employment opportunities can also be made by every individual with a mind
set to get trained.

“Seeds” an initiative of Puthiya Thalaimurai Foundation,promoted small enterprises among youth, both men and women.
The programme formed Self Help Groups, provided Mentoring, Training in specific skills and then arranges business loans, to
Youth Self Help Groups in the District of Kancheepuram, Chennai & Sivagangai. In order to encourage Micro Enterprises all over the State of Tamil Nadu, “Forum for Micro Enterprises” has been launched.

The Forum will provide Training, Mentoring along with guidance to avail bank loans for Micro and Small Enterprises. In addition to the Financial linkage assistance, the forum also aims at giving marketing assistance.

Micro Enterprises

The Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) Sector continue to be a  vibrant sector of the Indian economy. It is estimated that there are about
12.8 million units (Over 90 percent of total Industrial Units). In this sector employing nearly 31 million people. This sector contributes
nearly 39 percent of the total Industrial production and accounts for approximately 33 percent of the total exports. This sector has
consistently registered a higher growth rate than the rest of the Industrial sector.

There are over 6500 products ranging from traditional to high-tech items, which are being manufactured by the small enterprises in India. After agriculture, the MSEs sector provides the maximum opportunities for both self-employment and jobs in the country. The small enterprises sector in India holds great potential for further expansion and growth in the future. In fact, the employment potential of the sector is un-matched by any other sector of the economy.